Remote Medical Coding Services

Through our Remote medical coding services, a good number of the geographically dispersed distributed healthcare population binds with us for their medical coding configurations. Our Remote medical coders render Remote medical coding services using a combination of system tools such as VPN Systems and Six Sigma Validated workflow processes so as to effect fast, flamboyant perfect confident coding. Quiet like the outsourced medical coding option, Remote medical coding services help you hit your multi-department targets.

Benefits of the Remote medical coding services:

  • Cost saving by pay per service
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • No vacation management
  • Ready resources as per requirements with a short notice
  • No hiring and firing of resources
  • Strong control on DNFC(Discharged not finally coded).
  • Real-time code availability & code rectification
  • Captures overall coding productivity of the coding professionals from remote locations
  • Remote medical coding offers vigilance & watchfulness
  • 24/7 work monitoring using virtual workforce platform
  • Remote medical coding conserves space
  • Zero maintenance of technological assets
  • Diminution Reduction in the denial management time
  • Complete patient satisfaction & owners delight
  • Fully centralized & traceable healthcare systems

Remote Medical Coding Services

Remote medical coding services are simple and pay for performance model. It is a big relief from financial stress for hospitals and practices. Mhites helps in backlog coverage/Vacation coverage and overflow coding requirements. Mhites remote coding services are very cost-effective.

Remote Medical coding mhites