I have my billing “In-House”, why should I switch to your service?

To increase the net income on medical billing services, flawless technology and competency of the service provider are crucial. We do meticulous research on your present billing system and plug the gaps to enhance your net income. While we manage your billing systems, you could focus on patient flow.  Some physicians refrain from outsourcing because of a misconception that it might result in a “loss of control” over their practice. We ensure that you always have a tab on your updated billing information. For the purpose, we facilitate you with the monthly tape backups of all the billing information. With our technology, you could access the real-time data either from your office or home, as the data belongs to you.

Do I need expensive software and hardware equipment in my office?

You don’t need expensive software or hardware. To access your account, you just need a computer and access to net connectivity. You can securely dial into our computer system and view your account in real-time. By outsourcing your accounting needs, you eliminate the need for a comprehensive in-house expensive information technology solution.

What software do you use?

Our team is competent in all medical billing software including E-Clinical works, Medical-bill MD manage, Allscripts Cerner, Medical tech and Data Strategies’ Elligence which are time tested for an accurate result, though some of our clients are reluctant to switch over to high-end versions of the software.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

We understand that this is very essential for your practice to secure PHI (patient health information) and other documents related to patient demographic information. We strictly adhere to the HIPAA standards and have the following procedures in place:

  • We execute a confidentiality agreement covering all the information that we handle on your behalf. We maintain strict compliances concerning any breach or threatened breaches of confidentiality to you and your patients’ information
  • Privacy procedures of HIPAA regulations are a standard part of our employees’ training
  • We system refrain from external storage devices viz. floppy, CD drives, USB ports, etc and also our staff will not have access to net connectivity.
  • Our staff that is shortlisted to work on your processes only will have access to work on your secure stations. Further, we strictly refrain from printing your documents or information.
  • All of our systems and e-mail account passwords are encrypted. Our network is behind firewalls.
  • All the data transfer is done through secured SSL 256-bit encryption
  • We strictly prohibit the staff at the work stations from personal stationery, communication devices and electronic gadgets
  • We ensure the security of your physical and electronic data.

Some of the measures that we adopt include:

  • Entry is restricted and permitted only against an access badge and movements are tracked and recorded.
  • Only data required to discharge of duties are shared with the employees
  • We shall sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • At the time of joining the project, all the employees will sign the NDA
  • The NDA will be between the client and Mhites
  • Once the client consents and accepts the data that is returned after the project is completed, we delete permanently from all our systems. We strictly discourage hardcopy and printouts. Only the authorized managers are permitted to print in our network and printouts are shredded after usage.
  • Security and compliance audits are conducted at the end of each quarter.

What kind of infrastructure do you have?

Our infrastructure includes:

Physical Security

  • Production areas have well-protected external windows.
  • Tinted glasses and blinds are used for all the window panels.
  • Ergonomically all the employees are seated ensuring adequate privacy.
  • Entry is only with access badges. Unauthorized entry is restricted.

Network Connection

  • Physically isolated LAN from the rest of our network.
  • Our facility segregates its networks into separate subnets, and segments by unit and project.
  • Client’s subnet will be separated from the data servers in a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) through a firewall.
  • The gateway/firewall will allow only legitimate traffic to flow through it and will be constantly
  • Monitored to identify any suspicious activity.

Information Security

Our System

  • Prevents unauthorized users from accessing our systems
  • We use sophisticated Enterprise Authentication Manager (EAM) software to prevent unauthorized users to access our systems and your systems too. We enable the software to implement multi-factor authentication even for applications that don’t have it built-in, automatic update of passwords, access indirection and real password obfuscation, time and location restrictions for access, and access through VPNs.
  • Client e-mails are not installed on the coders’ desktops
  • Printers are not connected to an isolated network.
  • Only restricted access is provided from the LAN to the data servers on the DMZ.

How long does it take to get started?

Transition and Implementation

  • We begin Transition Tasks soon after the contract is signed
  • Our Transition Period is short, and we make it very easy for our clients to enable the knowledge transfer
  • Our Transition Team is very competent, experienced across all aspects of RCM, and have worked with a majority of the Billing Software Systems
  • Soon after signing the contract, we commence production within 2 weeks, depending on the kind of process and the volume of work

What is your quality process?

  • Our quality systems are six-sigma based and claims are audited according to the sample size as agreed with the client.
  • Quality profiling is done to all the team members
  • The first two months, we perform 100% audit sampling to all the new team members.
  • Based on their accuracy, team members are categorized into various audit groups wherein the sample size is reduced to 20- 30%
  • All errors are categorized and stored in our in-house software to be used for error analysis, root cause analysis, FMEA, process improvement and focused refreshers.