Outsource Medical Coding Services

Insurance processing demands a quick and efficient submission of patient information from healthcare organizations. The efficiency in submission determines the rate of approvals and the denials of claims. In such a case, there is an immense need to make the insurance claims filing process highly accurate and fast. Medical coding involves assigning codes and categorizing patient records which makes the medical practice management process proficient. Each patient chart is assigned a particular code that helps in the easy access of medical information for insurance purposes.


Highly Experienced team

Mhites has a highly experienced team to perform medical coding and billing services

Certified Professionals

Mhites is wellknown for its accuracy and fast performance.


Secured data

Data is confidentially stored and they can meet current HIPPA standards.

Increase inCash flow

Getting bills out quicker, getting payments back sooner, and with less expense.

Mhites is a medical coding specialist company that has served the healthcare industry around the world on multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary requirements. We can provide you with top notch CPT and HCPCS (Level I and II) medical coding online services which is aimed at helping you increase your reimbursements. Medical coding has a direct impact on your revenue as errors at this stage can cause denials, reduce reimbursements and call for rework. We employ certified and experienced medical coding experts who perform the coding process with utmost precision.

Outsource medical coding services- The process we follow:

At Mhites, we follow a 6-tier medical coding process. Our medical coding team is made up of certified and experienced medical coders. With our medical coding specialists working on your project, you can benefit from lower denials. The key steps involved in our medical coding process are –

Accessing files
You send us scanned clinical information or patient charts by uploading them to a secure FTP location or by giving us access to your practice management software (PMS) through a secure VPN connection.

Pre-coding involves entering the key-in codes for referring doctors, insurance companies, and modifiers. Our pre-coders also add diagnostic and procedural codes that do not exist in the system already.

We acknowledge the significance of accuracy in coding on your revenue. We emphasize a lot on accuracy at this stage.

Quality check
Files are audited by a certified senior coding staff who checks on the accuracy of the codes assigned. Our quality assurance team verifies that the charts for up-coding or down-coding will ensure maximum reimbursement and fewer or no denials.

Submission of coded charts
The coded charts are either transmitted to the billing team or submitted to you (depending on your requirement) for further claims processing. This is either done by uploading the coded charts onto a secure FTP location or by email or even better- on a Practice Management System.

Client feedback
At Mhites we value your feedback and/or comments. We consider it an opportunity to improve and serve you better. We believe in working together with you as one team.


Key Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Coding :

  • Avoid Errors: It’s a fact that BPOs are less prone to errors in insurance coding and patient contact. Without a dedicated in-house staff for coding, your practice can be more efficient and cost effective. The money saved can be used to improve patient care and upgrade equipment and services.
  • Stay Current With Industry Standards And Practices: Insurance, both private and government, constantly change their methods and requirements. To stay on top of the latest regulations is a full-time job. With a BPO, your practice can leave that task to someone else, with a guarantee to stay on top of changes and not lose any time or money because of mistakes.
  • Improve Cash Flow:  Medical coding Outsourcing keeps billing flowing in an effective way, getting bills out quicker, getting payments back sooner, and with less expense.
  • Increase Revenue: A BPO can introduce new medical coding methods, including trans-promotional marketing- where an invitation to a testing service, vaccines, medical events, or other special offers are attached to the patient’s bill. This encourages better patient involvement in their own care and adds a revenue stream to the practice. 
  • Security: Well established outsourcing companies have a very stable and secure billing process. Data is confidentially stored and they can meet current HIPPA standards.  
  • Control: A BPO maintaining your medical coding and billing, will reduce your workload. Transparency and accountability will be maintained.
  • Patient Satisfaction: A BPO will be the voice and face of your billing service, and the best of them take that responsibility seriously. They can mirror the same consideration and care that your patients find in your office. 

Do you follow international quality standards?

Yes. At Mhites, we follow stringent quality standards. The following are some of the steps that we follow to ensure that we meet international quality standards.

  • At Mhites, we read recent books and also use the latest software like CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS, C++ edit to keep in touch with the constant changes in the medical coding industry.
  • We follow HIPAA regulations to ensure that we deliver our services within a quick turnaround time.
  • Mhites’s dedicated professionals comply with AHIMA rules.
  • Our medical coding personnel receives extensive training under medical coding experts in the US.
  • Certified coders regularly monitor the work of our medical coders.
  • External coding and compliance experts periodically audit our medical coding department.

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