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Kids’ Health Questions

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Kids’ Health Questions

Kids’ Health Questions

1. I have my billing “In-House”, why should I switch to your service?
As per research outsourcing your medical billing services will increase your net income and facilitates to more focus on your patients. Some physicians refrain from outsourcing because of a misconception that it might result in a “loss of control” over their practice. You always have control of your billing information. We can provide your monthly tape backups of all the billing information to-date. Your data belongs to you at all times. In fact, with our technology, your data is accessible in real-time from your office and from home.

2. Do I need expensive software and hardware equipment for my office?
Absolutely not. In fact, you don’t need any software or hardware. If you would like to access your account, all you need is a computer and Internet access. You can securely dial into our computer system and view your account real-time. The great thing about outsourcing is you eliminate the need for an in-house complete and expensive information technology solution.
3. What software do you use?
Mhites LLC is very comfortable using all types of medical billing software including clinical works, medibill MD manage, Allscripts Cerner, Meditech and Data Strategies’ Elligence. However, we have set-up arrangements with some of our clients who are reluctant to change their software.
4. Are you HIPAA compliant?
We understand that this is very essential for your practice to secure PHI (patient health information) and other documents related to patient demographic information. We strictly adhere to the standards set by HIPAA and have the following procedures in place:
• Our staff signs a binding and strong confidentiality agreement that covers all the information that we handle on your behalf. We are very strict in dealing with any breach or threatened breaches of confidentiality with respect to your and your patients’ information
• Privacy procedures of HIPAA regulations are a standard part of our employees’ training
• The staff members are not given access to the internet and moreover, our systems also do not have external storage devices like floppy, CD drives, USB ports, etc.
• We do not permit the printing of your documents or information. Only those staff members who are working on your process, have access to it on their secure workstations
• Our network is behind a firewall and all our systems and e-mail accounts are password protected
• All data transfer is done through secured SSL 128-bit encryption.
• All personal electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited on the shop floor.
Your data is secure with us. We ensure that it is safe and secure physically and electronically. Some of the measures we employ include:
• Shop floor movement is recorded. Restricted entry to shop floor
(Permitted only with access badges)
• Only data required to discharge their duties are shared with employees
• Sign Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements
o NDA signed by all employees at the time of joining
o NDA between Client & HealthTigers
• Personal stationery, communication devices or electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited on shop floors
• After our Client approves and accepts

the data that we return to them, we erase it from our systems
• Hard copy, printouts are discouraged. Only managers have been granted permission to print in our network. Printouts are shredded after use.
• Security & compliance audits are conducted every quarter

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